There are a lo-hot of reasons to celebrate. Christmas is finally over, new years is over, the sky over gothenburg is blue. 2009 will be great. And regarding the financial crisis, I quote what a clever right-wing journalist wrote a couple of days ago: The financial crisis will give us more time to spend with our families and loved ones. Yeah, say that to the people who got fired from Volvo... Anyway, we can celebrate his retirement when it comes.

For now my christmas-is-over-gift is a cover of The Blow's "Parenthesis" that I've put up on Myspace. Ramo Spatalovic (Franke, Greencoats, Maison Blanche), Jonas Ohdner (Sonores, V. Sjöberg New Jazz Ensemble) and I recorded it last spring, and since then I haven't really known what to do with it.

Also, all the tourdates for february are up (down below). With me on the stage this time will be Susanna Andrén on drums and Andreas Andersson on keyboards. We're looking forward to playing, but also to meeting people on the places we visit. So make sure you come up and say hi after the shows!

we are soldiers we have guns come out to play in February, full dates and details are:

12/feb/09: (ger) Hamburg, Astra Stube
13/feb/09: (lux) Lux, d:qliq
14/feb/09: (neth) Groningen, Vera
15/feb/09: (neth) Dordrecht, Café de Vrijheid
16/feb/09: (ger) Siegen, Vortex
17/feb/09: (ger) Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
18/feb/09: (ger) Frankfurt, Clubkeller
19/feb/09: (aus) Traun, Spinnerei
20/feb/09: (swi) Baden, Herbert
21/feb/09: (ger) Leipzig, UT Connewitz
22/feb/09: (ger) Berlin, NBI

Since MTV is now more likely to show dumb programmes with titles such as: 'my super crap 16' or 'pimp my panda', instead of playing music videos, we're just going to have to show you the new we are soldiers clip right here instead. another track taken from the debut album 'get up, get out,' it's the sights and sounds of 'the great depression' - head over here to fill your eyes and ears. click here for an MP3 of the said song.

The promised new website has been delayed due to a mixture of computer madness and human stupidity; it's now being rebuilt and will arrive soon(ish). A definite soon is a new MP3 download and video for album track numero guattro, 'the great depression' ... make happy here on monday.

New show booked: Pustervik, 2/10. Nice to play in good old gbg again.

The Landet-show was awesome. Thanks to my new distortion pedal (249 SEK, tack för det televerket) the whole thing sounded like that fat bastard in Austin Powers. Plus, Andreas looked like a really old man when he was checking out his setlist between the songs. It was an excellent look on him, I accidentally sprayed beer all over stage when laughing at it.

Sooo. The album is out. At least in the UK. The rest of the world waits until July 28th. But anyone, anywhere can order online now; the CD from STK here, or download it digitally here. According to Stereo Test Kit, the album shares a birthday with Yngwie Malmsteen, which is nice. Or is it? I don't know.

'get up, get out,' is the best thing I've done so far. That's all I can say about it.

Me and Pontus have made a disco version of The Go-Go's "Our lips are sealed", it appears on an 80's web-compilation project called Rewind, curated by Buffet Libre, a music website out of España. The compilation is a great idea with a lot of really cool bands, so it's nice to contribute. stream and download our cover tune here and check the best of the rest here.

A show is booked at Landet in Stockholm, on 9 august. I hope to see you there! I'm really in the mood for playing live after spending months and months in the studio, so it'll be fun. Euro shows are being pencilled in for late summer/autumn. New news and a new website coming sometime soon.

I have spent an excellent weekend in Sonores studio, recording with Ramo and a guy named Jonas Odner. I learned how to play e-bow, and finally got an output for my urge to play cowbell. It’s been torturing me for so long. We did a cover of the Björn Kleinhenz-song "Olis". It's from the new album, and he's going to use it in some way in the release. I don't know, ask him, it was his idea. Plus we did a cover of "Parenthesis" by The Blow. Just because I like it so much. It sounds like a captain's last call to his troupes. Lying in a ditch, speaking on the intercom, while a soldier's playing a fat disco bass far away in the distance.

That was my weekend. The album cover was finished the other day (see below), care of the artistic talents of Valero Doval. we'll send it to print today.

"Get up, get out," is released on June 30th, but you can order it now, in a special online-advance-order-super-deal, right here. A few MP3s and videos will begin to slip out at the start of June. In the meantime, we're streaming a new album track each week on the album- preview blog. 6 tracks in, track 7 gets added next Sunday. Listen up, listen out, here.

Klart slut.

"get up, get out," our debut album will see the light of day on stereo test kit records in june. but the impatient need not despair; beginning March 16th and for the following 10 weeks, we'll be adding a new streaming album track and some other bits and pieces, to our "get up, get out," blog site. treat your ears every sunday for the next 10 weeks here.

"get up, get out," the we are soldiers we have guns debut album, is finished. Well, at least my part of the job. Ten tunes are made, and will be available to the world sometime soonish (with emphasis on the "ish"-part). I don't really have a good perspective on the songs yet, but I feel it's the most outgoing and diverse release that's come from we are soldiers so far.

Needless to say I love the songs like they were my best friends. Actually, they are my best friends.

Three videos are also in progress. There's going to be nice mustasches, animated bears, drunken friends and loads of Gothenburg romanticism – how could it go wrong?

A small live appearance is planned in January, in a house collective in Gothenburg. I'll have Susanna the drummer and Ramo the virtuoso backing me up. I'm sure there'll be more shows booked though, get back you when that happens.

The album work is going well, I think we're about halfway through the process now. I love each one of the songs. Yesterday I actually got goose bumps while listening to one of the songs in the studio. To me that's really rare, it's only happened with four songs during the last year:

1. Denison Witmer - Grandma Mary
2. Maps - Don't fear
3. The Elected - Biggest star
4. Wildbirds & Peacedrums - I can't tell in his eyes

... And now also from a (still untitled) song on the coming Soldiers album.

I got the brand new 7" covers singles from Lavender records just a couple of days ago. They look very nice. The release date isn't set yet, but it should be soon. Any day now. We're working on a pressrelease, releaseparty and bla bla bla, but since I probably don't want to have a release party it shouldn't take too long ... Check out the lavender records homepage for the latest news on that.

Also, I've decided to record the album at Studio Folkhemmet, with Uffe from Samuraj Cities, Before you die ... and lots of other bands. We recorded the Laurel Music album "Cykles" (unreleased) at the same place, so I feel quite at home there. Which, to a semi-studio phobic person such as myself, is very important. We'll start in just a few weeks, it's going to be so much fun.

The Seefa-festival was unbelievably awesome. It's definitely one of my top 3 shows. Hard to beat my first show ever though, I was 14, the guitarist was dressed as a rabbit and we played a cover of "Into your arms" (Why didn't we at least choose "The outdoor type" if we wanted to play the Lemonheads?). And of course the show with our old band Standing Pales when we made so much noise everybody left, except a friend who grabbed the mic and sang "Better man", a capella from beginning to end. Good times, good times. Anyway.

My point with writing this is that we loved the Seefa festival, The promoters were nice and the audience really respectful and enthusiastic. I hope they'll keep doing what they're doing.

Me and Susanna played inside a tent, that was situated in the middle of the water. Everything that happened inside the tent was filmed and projected on the outside so that the audience could see it. It was a very special experience. We tried to film some so that we could share the atmosphere with the world, but the only atmosphere we caught on tape was a blurry picture and distorted sound. So here are some pictures instead. Click them.

The show at Publik is re-scheduled to thursday 21/6. We'll start around nine.

The single is taking its time. It seems the printers want to keep it to themselves. I don't blame them, it's fresh as a summers breeze, but I do hope they'll let it go soon. They probably are, so keep your eyes on lavender recordings and you won't miss it.

The first song for the new album is finished, so I guess there's no way out now: The album is on. It's so fucking on. I'll post more info when I know more, but for now I'll just tell you what my friend Ramo thought of the song when he heard it: "It has an out-in-the-fields-and-pick-some-potatos-feel to it." I guess it's all in the hillbilly banjo.

Two more shows are booked, in Berlin and Gothenburg. In Berlin it's some kind of festival that seems very special and innovative. Check it out and make your own opinion about it, but I have to say: I'm thrilled. Gigantic paper igloos on stage and an outdoors pool - can't wait to see it in real life.

Joining me on these two shows will be my friend Susanna. She's playing the drums for the first time in her life, and it sounds special in the way only a true new beginner can make it sound. Sweet!

I've finally completed the covers-single that I've been working on for ages. It turns out Cubase isn't as easy to handle as I thought. It's done now anyway, no harm done and no computers thrown out the window. As a result there will be a 7" single out on Lavender recordings (who also releases the exellent band Afraid of stairs) in a month or so. I have a special concept behind the song selection, but we'll tell you more about that some other time and some other place.

Also, the dates for our germany tour are set and up both here and on myspace. We'll be four people in the band this time: Jocke, Max (from Douglas heart, Laurel Music and Afraid of stairs), Susanna (of Winter Took His Life) and me.

If you catch us on any of the dates, come and say hi!

A church or a boat are the ultimate places for the soldiers to play, I've known that from the start. Finally the dream has partially come true. I'll play in a church, Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg to be specific, with my mother on cello the 14th of December. It's a christmas show with lots of bands, and all the money will go to homeless people. So, to quote Evil Dead: Join us!

We'll also support Timo Räisinen on Trädgårn the 12th, and this time with a full band.

Thank you everybody in Lund, the livingroom show was great. I hope to come back soon!

This Saturday The soldiers will be playing in a livingroom in Lund. It'll just be me, Malin, so expect an intimate, quiet but hopefully not boring show. If you want to come (yes!), just email info@wearesoldiers.net and I'll tell you were it is.

Favourite song for the moment: Asobi Seksu – Thursday. When did people (we, you, all) stop making honest songs like this one? I hope the members of Asobi Seksu google themselves from time to time and finds this post.

The new CD, to meet is murder, is released and kicking about. UK and international buyers can get it from stereo test kit and various good and bad record stores. or in sweden through border and from online sites such as cdon and megastore.

Planning is overestimated and so is thinking through things. This goes for everything, not least the making of music videos. A couple of weeks ago a hungover Sunday breakfast with my good friend Elin turned into a video shoot for "The line is a dot to you", from the new mini-album To Meet Is Murder. I love the result, both the video and the fun Sunday we had. I'm happy to be able to share it, hope you like it. see it here.

"Across the line? You're way across the line. You're so far away from the line you can't even see the line! The line is a dot to you!"

To Meet Is Murder is released October 30th, but is available now as a pre-release order from the stereo test kit online shop.

The new EP "To meet is murder" is packaged in a gorgeuos glossy digipak and lays right here on my desk as I write. I've never been so proud before, at least not since the last soldiers-EP. Release date in the UK is October 30th and everywhere else a little later. It will be available to order online at Stereo Test Kit wherever you are.

We've added an MP3 of "songs that no one will hear" from the EP to the music page. Go here and hear. the this is page has also been updated with some words on the new ep.

We're working on a Germany tour this winter, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up until it's decided. We'll make time for England too, but right now I don't know anything for sure. So why did I post it here? I don't know. I did.

The disco trend is a keeper, we had the third disco this weekend. I also got two comps for my disco education, Here's a nice playlist for all of you who want to try it at home:

1. Aretha Franklin – Jump to it
2. The O'Jays – Put our heads together
3. Prince – Housequake
4. BB & Q Band – On the beat
5. Patrice Rushen – Look up!

The best title so far: "Doctor boogie".

Next show is at Emmaboda, ettnollett's breakfast tent, this saturday (12/08). This time I hope we'll make it all the way to the festival, at least out of Hisingen.

We are soldiers will appear on a compilation by No Method records. I think it'll be a good comp, definitely worth checking out.

Moving on to more interesting business: My new hobby is discodancing. What's yours? Me, Max and Pontus are thinking about starting up a tradition of apartment discodancing once a month, sort of like a hip version of reading circles or syjuntor. It's going to spread all over modern society like a plague or venereal disease, but in a good way. Oh man, oh yeah.

two more gothenburg shows booked. our good friend ramo spatalovic (douglas heart, franke, maison blanche and loads of other band) will hopefully contribute to the songs on the show this sunday, i'm exited to hear how that turns out.

so... we are soldiers in a three piece setting, we're growing - what's next? a handclap and doo-wop section with hip dancemoves and trombones up their sleeves? (don't worry, that'll never happen). anyway, nuff said, here's the dates:

02/jul/06: (swe) gothenburg / kulturhuset underjorden - w/deltahead
21/jul/06: (swe) gothenburg / Ladyfest - klubbhuset vid majvallen

All colds are gone, spring has arrived to Gothenburg, and the new EP is almost ready! The only thing left is the mixing and cover art, so hopefully we'll be able to do some UK shows this summer with a new EP in print. The songs feels powerful, melodic and more immediate than anything we've done so far. We'll put a song from it on the we are soldiers' myspace when they're mixed and ready.

We'll also play at Café Publik in Gothenburg with wonderful winter took his life on the 4th of May. For non-Gothenburg residents we'll be playing at the Luminaire, London on the 15 of May, see you there!

Gothenburgh is very grey, cold and lazy these days, and I myself have managed to get a cold. Still I believe it'll be a good 2006. Yup, I really do!

we are soldiers we have guns started the year with a nice show for our friends in my one room apartment. It was kind of surreal to stand in my own sleeping alcove and play, but it was nice to see only friend's faces in the audience.

Amongst others we did a cover of the very suitable Codeine song "New year's", which was depressing but in a very nice way. I hope to include that cover on a record that's planned on Stereo Test Kit during the spring.

Jocke and I have started recording a new ep, and so far it's going really well. Besides the fact that we're having so much fun in the studio (apparently I look really funny when I play the drums, I don't know ...), it also sounds very good. Right now Jocke has got bronchitis and I, as I said, have a cold, so guess it'll take a while for us to finish it .... Stay tuned though, we're getting there.

I hope to see you all at shows during the year!

two new live shows are confirmed for this autumn, both of them in london. check out the live-page for more info. this time we will go by plane, which means no carcrashes!

these shows will be with a new live member, jocke rosén, since i've moved to gothenburg and robert is still in umeå. it sounds really lovely. of course, robert is not totally out of the picture, i hope we can do more music together dispite the geographical distance. sweden is a small country, which means the good people are few, but once you've found one he/she is never too far away...

and finally, the new ep will be available on the stereo test kit website from october 24th and more widely available on november 14th.

the new ep is set for release in october and you can now download a sample track from the music page!

we are soldiers we have guns now exists on the stereo test kit homepage too, it feels like a good confirmation of the fact that the ep-release is close!

here you can also see the wonderful coverart made by my friend elin (featuring our mutual friend subcommandante marco, who lives in a dark corner on one of elin's bookshelves), check it out at www.stereotestkit.co.uk.

the yellow mica compilation "our hearts beats out of tune" (including my cover of "anchorless" by propagandhi/weakerthans) is out now, get it at www.yellowmicarecordings.tk.

what else is happening...? oh yes, for all of you who missed we are soldiers we have guns at emmaboda (there's got to be a few, at least three...): i'm sorry we didn't make it, but we had a good alibi: we were in a carcrash on our way to the festival. everybody's alright though, and i guess that's the most important thing!

thanks for the kind words in the guestbook, it warms my heart on rainy days.

Indiepop.it has done it again!

I've read a wonderful review of the records make great pets compilation and feel it deserves a note. Here's a piece of the stuff about we are soldiers we have guns:

"Just like in other songs from the band it's about suggestive feelings, to play hide and seek with the light, wrapped in calmness that doesn't allow disruptions and that turns it into poetry. It is still one of the most interesting groups this year."

here's the whole review for all of you italian speakers. thankyou max for translating it to me!

right now i'm working on a song for a new yellow mica - compilation that's due this autumn. i think it'll be a pianoversion of the wonderful song "anchorless" by propagandhi/weakerthans, but who knows, i've changed my mind before ... see you all in emmaboda!

the ep is finished!

... and if everything works out as it should it'll be released at the end of october. of course, nothing ever works out as it should, sometimes i wonder why people even bother to set a release date when they always end up postponing it. our plan looks realistic though, so late october it will be!

if you want to hear more of we are soldiers we have guns before that, my advice is to go to ettnollett's breakfast tent at the emmaboda festival. i think we'll play on the last day, saturday morning. i'm really looking forward to an audience drinking their morning tea instead of beer.

we are soldiers we have guns ... live!

next gig will be the 21/5 in jönköping at nyfiket. it'll be with me and my trusted cd-player since robert had to study that weekend. my best friend cecilia will come with me to keep me company and hopefully make an appearance on stage. otherwise her duties will be to hold my hand when i'm nervous and get me drunk when i'm not. it's going to be a good gig, so if you're in jönköping there's no reason not to come!

welcome to the home on the web of we are soldiers we have guns.

it's been an eventful spring. the first non-homerecorded ep will be finished in a month or so, and so far it sounds just like it should. i'd be a fool if i didn't love it like my own flesh and blood! it'll be released on stereo test kit records whenever it's ready.

i've also done the first we are soldiers-live shows on cosy den in gothenburg and on an international women's day-celebration on hamnmagasinet, umeå. i did these gigs all alone, but in the future my good friend robert tenevall (royal downfall, knugen faller) will back me up.

i was insanely nervous both times, so some company on the stage will hopefully save my mental health ... the live stuff is evolving a lot, i have great ideas for them. just wait, you'll see!

we are soldiers we have guns - soon in a basement/livingroom/parking lot near you.